Help Me Save My Mother’s Home

I’m usually the funny and happy go lucky blogger with the crazy stories, but this is  a serious matter (which is the main reason of my lack of blogging) and I really hope that you all will have a heart and donate or spread the word about this situation.

On September 4th, 2014 my mother Sharon came home one evening and broke the news that our home was in foreclosure, I have never been so heartbroken in my life and even worse we come from a large family and no one is able to help us , but being in a single parent home its always been me and her. My mother never let the fact that she was a single parent limit her goals, she worked two jobs when I was born, she traveled one hour away from our hometown to go to work, which she still does today (and I am 25 years old), she helped me get into college, and still had time to be a great parent and now, its time for me to do everything possible to get her out of this situation, but its extremely hard trying to save money when things are falling apart ( car transmission failure, hvac going out, emergency root canal ) not to add everyday bills and with my inability to find work (even with a college degree in Business, I cannot even get hired at McDonalds) and her job is only paying $10 to $11 per hour ,its just really hard trying to save money and although this is very embarrassing to ask, my mother is losing hope and I am not about to give up without a fight. To get out of the foreclosure, we need $4,900, and whether its $1 ,$ 10, $100, or $1000 the amount will be greatly appreciated, I will be starting a GOFUNDME fundraiser in a few hours and I will be posting the link. If you are interested in giving a donation please let me know and if you are not able to, when I post the link please share it with others on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank You

I Suck at Dating

Dear Jess:


I have been letting my friends hook me up with people and to no avail, there is no connection. Where do I need to go to meet guys? 

My response:

There so many places that you can find new people, I call it the Triple C’s: Conventions, Charity Events, and Community Service. Your friends, although they mean well actually do not pay attention to what you need in a significant other, they just think you need someone your face to kill time, but they are wrong. You need to tell your friends that what they are doing is nice but its getting them nowhere.

My Muffin Top



I have officially been told that I am overweight by a doctor and I must lose 15 pounds. I have started a new blog that really hope that you guys will follow or at least view, its called Jessica vs. Flab and this blog will show my journey of losing weight. Here’s what I look like now:



This is the End

I wanted to let everyone know that  I am ending my time on Jessica’s World of Crazy, I feel like I have a bigger purpose in health and fitness, especially since, I am going to be 25 years old next month and I need to get a little bit more serious about my health. I will still be blogging, I just will not be blogging the raw and uncut stuff, it will be more about becoming a healthier woman. I will be giving the last post later today, which will include the new blog address. 

Is this the End?




I have been going through a lot in my life, trying to figure out my purpose and I feel like maybe this blog may not be needed anymore. I want to start brand new and I am really considering deleting this blog and starting over with a totally new blog, but I want your thoughts.