Is this the End?




I have been going through a lot in my life, trying to figure out my purpose and I feel like maybe this blog may not be needed anymore. I want to start brand new and I am really considering deleting this blog and starting over with a totally new blog, but I want your thoughts. 

Do You Need A Writer?


Hi Guys!

I wanted to let everyone know that I am on Fiverr, the site where you can hire someone to prepare assignments such as graphics, marketing, and other online services for five dollars.  I have prepared countless assignments and reports in a timely manner with 100% accuracy and quality, so I will be glad to help anyone whether it’s a college project, content for websites, articles, or something really random. I will help you, all you need to do is contact me and I will start your project, just give me two days and the project will be finished, but in case of high demand, I will finish in five days. 

Thank You! 

Strong Sexual Content Poem: He Knows


He knows I want to have sex with him from sunset to sunrise, 

He knows I want to kiss his soft full pink lips,

He knows I want those soft full pink lips on my lips in between my thighs,

He knows I want to put my lips on him as he grabs my neck,  

He knows I want him in between in my thighs thrusting inside of me, until my eyes roll in the back of my head,

He knows  I want him to pull my hair and scream in my ear  in excitement when we climax.

Ugh, the sexual frustrations of a celibate blogger. 

What If Beyonce Wasn’t Beyonce?



If Beyonce wasn’t a singer, what do you think she would have been? 

Would she be a housewife with a blue collar husband and 2.5 kids living a suburb in Houston, Texas? 

Would she be a Wal-Mart cashier?

Would she be a pre-school teacher? 

The questions are endless. Tell me what you guys think. #whatifbeyoncewasntbeyonce